Monday, November 2, 2009

Dance the night away.

I really don't hear many people talk about dancing anymore. Back when I was just out of high school in the late 80's people would make it a point to go out dancing. Now a days I don't hear any of these younger people talk about dancing. Dancing can be very romantic no matter where it is performed. Turn on some music at home and ask you partner to dance, I don't care if it is a slow dance or just getting up to flop around the house. Don't tell your partner but it is exercise also. I remember spending all night a the local bar dancing the night away. I would get up the next morning and be soar and I was in pretty good shape. Dancing in some cultures is part of the mating ritual and some believe that it is a form of foreplay, just watch the tango and tell me it is not. On the romantic side dancing gives you a chance to get close to your partner and get their blood pumping and we all know how good that is for romance. There are so many upsides to dancing that maybe it should be more a part of our culture. Enjoy the clip at the top of this post for a eighties band Van Halen and next time you get a chance, Dance the Night Away!

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