Monday, November 16, 2009

Give a late night call.

Have you ever laid awake thinking about the person you love. Well next time you are sitting their wondering about them, give them a little call. Pick up your phone call them and tell them you were thinking about them and just wanted to call and say Hi. Don't do this if you know they have to get up early the next day. Most likely they will feel great that you called and a smile will grace their face. This works great if you are on a business trip or away from home for a long period of time. Springing a call on a person at the spur of the moment tells them you really care and makes them realize that your mind is on them. You can even do this when you are in the same house if one of you stays up later then the other pick up your phone and call them just to tell them you love them. You will most likely get extra snuggles once you get into bed with them. Don't keep them on the phone long let them get back to sleep and there is a good chance they will dream about you.

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