Friday, October 16, 2009

Warm her up to get the most out of your sexual relationship.

Men we have a hard time understanding that we need to warm up a woman to get her in the mood for some loving that will last all night. We are simple creatures, as soon as we feel the urge we are ready, we have no warm up phase. Woman however need to be gently guided towards that feeling that just happens in us. We have to take our time and get the mood just right, which is hard for us because we are ready to pounce right now. Gentlemen let me put it to your this way the warming up is a way to make the love making last longer, by slowing down a bit the activities will last longer into the night. The more time you take the better she will be a receiving your advances. We all here the jokes about how quick men are and that their partners wish they could last longer, well let me tell you the sexual stamina isn't what will get it for you. The foreplay and the building of excitement will get your female companion to the point she need to be at. Don't be embarrassed if you need help in this matter, there are several books out on the subject of foreplay that can help you. The main thing is not to rush. Most of us are so excited when we get to engage in these activities that we dive right in, but believe me that is the worst thing you can do. Take your time, that feeling isn't going to go away especially if you push all the right buttons. Now go out and get your love making in shape and take your time.

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