Friday, October 2, 2009

Our Readers Opinions on Number of Dates before Sex.

Our viewers have spoken up and 74 % of them suggest waiting for at least 2-10 dates before having sex with the person you are dating. It was an even split with 37% each saying 2-4 dates was enough and 5-10 dates should be required. 12% said you should try your date on the very first date and 12% suggested you should wait for marriage to start your party. I tend to agree with the 74% and believe that you can wait to long to where the date loses interest and on the first date is just silly. I personally don't believe anyone should wait all the way til marriage to have sex for the first time, and this is because some people are not sexually compatible and you don't want to enter a long term commitment and then realize that you sex life is going to suck. Let us know your feelings on these findings and you may give us your input also we love to hear it.

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