Monday, October 26, 2009

Tongue Exercises, Now that is Romantic.

You tongue is one of the most used muscles in your body. Not only does it help us talk, sing, eat, and taste. The tongue is also one of the best sex toys in your arsenal. Yet how many of you do any type of tongue exercises. You can greatly improve the stamina of your tongue by doing simple exercises during the day. I personally do mine when I am in the bathroom. Just stretch your tongue out as far as it will go then pull in back several times. You can also try moving your tongue as fast as you can for several seconds. Make sure to stretch your tongue in all directions as this will improve your control over you tongue. For a better listing of techniques you can click on the title of this post. You tongue is so important to your everyday life and sometimes we forget that. Aside from the sexual aspect you can improve several areas of your life by getting in the habit of doing this exercises daily. I know several speakers and singers that swear that tongue exercises have help them in the pursuit of their craft. So if you want to excel at the Karaoke Bar you know where to start. Remember the tongue is a muscle and it is one you use more often they you think. Now do yourself and your partner a favor and start getting your tongue in shape.

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