Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Guide to Getting it On!

Want to get some great reading material that will help improve your love life also. Then you need to look no farther then “The Guide To Getting It On” by Paul Joannides. This is a large book and covers everything that you can think about sex. The book covers everything from disabilities to attitudes towards different lifestyles. This book is amazing in the fact that you can actually understand the dialogue. Most books on sex I have read are so medical that you end up shaking your head wondering what they are saying. Not The Guide to Getting it on, it slaps you right in the face and doesn’t stop there it answers the questions you want answered. Paul Joannides does a wonderful job of mixing in humor to the book; this lets you relax a little as you read it. I first found out about the book through the Sex is Fun podcast and I still enjoy reading it today. I also think it is a great book to give your children as they hit puberty; I just gave a copy to my son the other day. The book takes no sides and just presents the information in an educational and entertaining way. It gives you insight into all types of life styles and covers important topics such as masturbation and safe sex. I can go on and on about this book I feel it should be in every household on the planet. Paul Joannides does a wonderful job of updating the book from time to time so just because you have a copy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick up another at some point and time. You can learn more at the publishers site http://goofyfootpress.com I believe this is one of those books that will be around forever. I know I will reread it several times and I am thinking about starting to give it to people as a wedding gift.

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