Thursday, October 22, 2009

Choose your sexy Halloween costume wisely.

We all remember the thrill of going trick or treating, and getting more candy then you could possibly eat in a year. Well times have changed and the kids today don’t get to experience the great times we did. They are left will only going to place they know for sure and having parents drive them around instead of walking on this hallowed night. The costumes are however today are much better then we ever had. I use to get the mask with the stretchy sting on it that would sit most of the time on the top of your head because it didn’t allow your breath to escape out the little tiny hole they made on the front of the mask. Here is where I get into the romantic part of Halloween, since these costumes are readily available and come in sizes for adults also this gives you a chance to relive your trick or treating days at home with your lover. Get yourself a sexy costume and let your partner pick one out also then don’t tell each what you have picked. Then later on in the evening during Halloween trick or treat with each other. Meet in your bedroom wearing your costume and let the fun begin. You can spend a little or a lot on your costume depending on your finances. Not much money to splurge with then get a wig and some stockings or men get a fake mustache or a little fire fighters hat. These are they type of things that keep your relationship fresh and exciting. It is so easy to say no to these types of fun but you are not only short changing your partner but yourself also. Want to really get crazy then dress up your genitals as well get a little outfit for you penis or spray paint your public hair a wild color. Couples that experiment in this time of activities have much stronger relationships. So, with that said go out get your costume and get ready to laugh and enjoy a hot steamy Halloween with the person you love.

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