Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Resist the urge to snap!

Have you ever gotten mad about something and snapped, then later felt really bad that you said something that maybe you shouldn't have. This is were you need to learn a little self control. When you are in a heated argument you always need to think what you say out. Usually that first thing that pops into your mind is something that might not be so easy to take back. Plus it usually is just a tear at the person and might not even have anything to do with the argument. When you get a little frustrated with you mate you need to take some time before you open your mouth. Once you say something, you won't be able to say sorry later and take it back. Many feelings have been hurt for a long time by someone just blurting something out in a fit of anger. Take your time and count if you need to these few seconds could save some hurtful feelings later.

1 comment:

  1. Best way to solve ANY argument.

    Step 1: The Male Partner picks up the female partner and places her belly down on his lap.

    Step 2: The Male Partner then proceeds to give the female partner the spanking of her life.

    Step 3: Problem Solved =)