Friday, October 30, 2009

Update you pictures.

You know some people out there are very good at taking pictures all the time. Most all of us have a newer digital camera, that lets us delete any unwanted photo right away. We have no excuse for not getting new pictures all the time. When is the last time you took a picture of your sweet heart just to put in your billfold or to replace the one on your desk? Look around your house are the pictures hanging on the wall out dated? If you have a hair style you are embarrassed about then you need to take some new pictures to put up. It is so easy now a days you can print them out yourself by picking up some photo quality paper or you can upload them to a company like Kodak and have nice quality prints sent right to your door. Set up a theme for you pictures maybe take some on vacation every time to put up each year. We take pictures of our family eating and put them up around the very top of our kitchen. You could do any number of themes depending on your family and what room you are putting them up in. Don't let anyone be camera shy and make sure you get equal numbers of pictures of everyone. It isn't very fair if you can go into someones house and tell by the pictures who always is behind the camera. Don't just put up perfect pictures either. Use some of the silly and wacky ones you take it adds a lot more character and conversation to your house. Now if you don't have one go out and pick up a new digital camera and start taking pictures of everything you can think of.

Featured in the picture is the Nikon D40 SLR Camera, which I feel is a great camera.

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