Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall is a great time for romantic walks and hayrides during harvest.

The colors and beauty of fall is all around us and once in a while we even get some warm weather. So take advantage of any day that warms up and grab your partner and head out on a wonderful walk that will let you enjoy the vast colors of autumn. Plan a walk through the woods or on a path that has lots of different trees so you get a contrast of colors. Streams can add a nice back ground sound for you walk and the leaves rushing down the river add a zest you can only find in the fall. Make sure to take a sweatshirt or coat in case it gets a little chilly in the cover of the woods. Another great idea is to find a hayride that takes you through the beautiful country side. Grab a blanket and snuggle up as you ride along and get to experience this time of year that is a wonderful time. The harvest time has always been a great time to enjoy life, it was when all the crops were stored and ready for the winter. Winter will soon be here so get out and enjoy the crisp clean air with you mate. Breath it in and smell the wonderful scents of autumn as you stroll hand in hand.

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