Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ready to move your relationship on to the next level.

Okay your relationship to this point has be great, you enjoy your partner, you have got to have sex. Now however you want to know a little more, you want to see if you can move your relationship to a more deeper level or area. Maybe your a little nervous about trying to move things into the next level but their is no better time then the present. Here is what you do very secretly go out to your local sex toy shop and purchase an item to be used on or by your partner. Get items like vibrators, or a G spot stimulator for a woman for a guy in your life purchase a masturbation sleeve or a cock ring. You can get a butt plug for either person. Now take your item home and wrap it up put a note inside that says simply "Want Play". Leave it for you lover to find sometime when you are not home. Now comes the hard part, do not say a word about the present let them bring it up and tell you their feelings about it. If a couple of weeks go by and they don't say a word about it then you can mention it and see their reaction.

By doing this you tell them you are interested in using these type of items with them and it give them a chance to tell you how they feel about these items. Maybe they were just waiting for someone to break the ice.

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