Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tought times make romance even more important.

Right now most people are in the same boat. We are all having to really nit pick what we spend our money on. With this most of the romantic things we use to spend money on are falling to the way side until better times return. For the romantic at heart this is a real bummer, however if you are creative you can still bring the romance home in other forms. Maybe you can't afford a big fancy dinner out, but maybe you can make a nice meal at home for your partner and you to enjoy. A huge bunch of flowers might be just a little too much, but a nice single rose still says "I Love You" For every romantic thing you use to do you can find a less expensive version. Going out for drinks can be replaced with buying some booze for home and inviting friends over to play board games. Spending the night snuggling on the couch watching movies under a blanket with microwave popcorn can replace going to the megaplex and paying $10 a piece to see the same movie. I hope you see where I am headed with all this. You don't have to stop being romantic you just have to find less expensive ways to do the same things. However some to the best things are and will always be free. Long talks, hand in hand walks, and making love all night are still high on the romantic list and to my knowledge have never cost anything.

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