Monday, October 19, 2009

Okay men it's our turn to find something sexy to wear.

Nothing thrills me more then my partner to wear something sexy to bed. One it makes her feel beautiful and it also makes me feel great. Knowing that my partner is thinking of looking sexy for me and her is a great turn on. For men however this is not a easy as it sounds. We are kinda limited in what we can wear to bed with our partner. We don't want to wear our normal everyday underwear but we don't want to look like a really bad stripper either. Where can a guy find nice sexy underwear that isn't on the edge of sleazy? I think the first thing you can do is buy some underpants that you only wear on special dates. Pick a day when you partner will see you in your unusually underpants and get them wondering, "where did he get those" Surprising them with something they have not seem before might just turn them on a little. If that doesn't work then pick up a different style of underpants that you don't normally wear. If you are a tighty whitey guy then pick up some silk boxers, or even boxer brief are nice. Get some it bright colors or with different patterns on them so they draw attention to your package. Let you partner touch and feel them as you are wearing them not only for yourself but for them also. carries several different types of underpants for you to choose from and you can click on the title of this post to be whisked away to that site.

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