Thursday, October 8, 2009

Investing in your relationship.

Are you currently in a new relationship or one that has just bloomed. Well at some point and time you need to decide on investing in your relationship. This may sound a little strange and you might think that by just being in a relationship you are investing in it. This is a true statement but when you need to see if your relationship is ready for the two of you to begin being a single unit or a true couple you need to invest in something as a test to see what your future holds. Yes I am talking about a material thing that the two of you purchase together. Maybe it is a television or a piece of furniture. Doesn't matter what it is as long as both of you can use it. The item will stay at the place you most often are at if you don't live together. The fact that you both put money towards this item is a test to your relationship. It says we both feel that we are going to be together for a long time and buying things together makes sense. A house is a big step and on that should be saved for once you have been together longer. Other things you can purchase together could include a vacation, appliances, a new bed, again anything that both of you will use it s a great idea. Once you get your first items purchased together you will quickly see if your relationship will handle being one unit. As a couple you both will take care of the item and will both be out if the item breaks. Believe me investing in this type of manner will quickly get you thinking about things like buying a house together, or even getting married. Investing in your relationship in this manner will break the ice and get you thinking more as a couple.

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