Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Car Scents

Want to impress you date, partner, lover, etc. Scents make for a powerful memory and they can set a mood from the first whiff. Why not put that powerful attack on their senses out right from the start. Go out to your local discount store and pick out a car air freshener that has a light yet definite scent. Now lets go over some details. First of all you don't want one of those green trees hanging from you mirror, that would look dorky plus your partner will notice right away where the scent is coming from. These mirror hangers tell your partner that you just threw the freshener up in a couple of minutes. I suggest hiding them under the seat this makes them wonder did you spend the whole day cleaning out your car to pick them up in. Another thing you need to consider that most of these air fresheners are pretty strong at first. I would suggest letting them air out a little before you put them in your car. Let them sit outside for a day then put them in your car. The last thing you want to do is have your partner get a terrible headache from the smell that is way to strong. Make sure you pick a scent that matches you. Don't get a floral scent it you are a macho guy and don't get a leather smell if you are a delicate lady. You can create a feeling for the whole date in just the first few seconds with the smell you choose.

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