Thursday, September 10, 2009

Be Yourself

So many times in the beginning of a relationship we try to be someone we are not. Maybe you try to act like your favorite actor or actress, which doesn't work in my case because Adam Sandler is not high on many women's list. Our you try to act like other people that you think have it down. However as much as it seem silly the best person to be is yourself. Lay all your little quirks out on the table from the beginning. If you like Star Wars let them know during your conversation. If your person you are with sees the real you from the beginning you will have a lot better chance of the relationship working for the long haul. Plus you will know that the person is about you and not about the person your acting like. You don't want to be six months into a relationship and find out your partner thinks your Star Wars fixation is childish and you should abandon it at once. Things like that are better known from the start. As you begin a new relationship take heart and be yourself, you might just thank yourself later for doing it. Plus you will find someone that likes you for you, and that is worth all the lightsabers in the world.

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