Friday, September 18, 2009

Abundance Romance

If you are familiar with the law of attraction or the secret for that matter we all here about abundance and how the universe will give you what you ask for. Why don't we ask for romance? Abundance romance at that, can we get enough romance in our lives? Now when you ask the universe for what you want make sure to include romance in the equation. Nothing makes our lives more fun and enjoyable then feeling that we are the object of someones effection. Romance makes us do silly thing and makes us feel years younger then we are. It gets our blood pumping and reminds us why we fall in love. Abundant romance is necessary for you life and you health so ask for some today.

Now you also have to put romance into the universe so start thinking now of ways you can be more romantic. Little things are fine and they grow into big things so start small and soon you will be putting romance all over the place.

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