Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hanging out at home!

During this time of economic turmoil, more and more people are having to rethink what they do for dates and recreation. Remember when you were teenagers and you would just hang out at someones house! You would pick someone who's parents weren't home and just lay around watching television and acting stupid. Well why not bring back the feeling. You can save a lot of money by doing this. You could rent some movies, purchase some snacks and bring home some booze. All of the things you might do on a night out. Invite some friends over and have a little movie party or play a board game together. Just spend the evening hanging out having a few drinks and getting into some great conversations.

Maybe you want the evening to just be the two of you. Again just like when you were teenagers you can spend the night making out or watching a movie, or both. I love just sitting and debating things with my partner. I feel it brings us closer even if we disagree on things. Now think of all the money you will be saving and you still get all the things you would on a date. Good conversation, fun, entertainment, and maybe even sex, for a fraction of the cost of the traditional date.

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