Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Journal great events in your relationship

Journaling is a great way to remember and sort things out. Why not do this in our relationship also? You can call it a diary but for the men we will call it a journal. Jot down short notes to make you remember things as the happen in your relationship. This such as the first kiss, or experiencing something for the first time are great suggestions. You partner will be amazed when down the road you can remember things about the early part of your relationship. With each entry make sure to include the date and anything that would stand out to you. You can also include things like what both of you were wearing or if your partner looked especially nice on this evening. Write down things that make you love your partner even more, like if they help an old woman cross the street, or just playing with the kids. Then when you partner asks you "Why do you love me" you have plenty of ammo to fire at them. Unfortunately some times we forget little things that mean so much, but with journaling these memories are just a page turn away.

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