Monday, September 21, 2009

The Feet

We all know how romantic a foot rub can be and a massage on the feet can send people into an almost orgasmic state. This makes me wonder why we don't pay more attention to our partners feet during other times. We spend most of our waking hours standing on our feet and yet we don't give them the romance they need unless we are using it a means of foreplay. First things first, since we spend so much time on our feet make sure you partner or lover has great shoes. Nothing can make your feet hurt worse then cheap shoes that don't give you the cushion you need. After making sure their shoes are proper, get them off their feet as much as possible. If your partner spends all day on their feet at work don't expect them to spend the night walking around the mall. Find an activity where you can sit down and relax their feet. Rent a movie and prop up on the couch or catch the football game in the same manner. Purchase a nice scrub brush for the shower to brush both of your feet with. Nothing feels better then giving your feet the attention they deserve. By doing all these romantic things for your partners feet, then next time you get time to be more romantic you won't have to focus so much on their feet to start with.

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