Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Negative People

You know that person that is always a bummer. They never have anything good to say. They are always in a bad mood. Well you need to distance yourself from that person. Being around such negativity only make you feel bad. Emotions are contagious, think about it if your around someone that is bubbly you can't help but smiling and feeling good. The same works for those grumpy people. They will bring you down even if you are in a good mood. I have learned to turn off listening to these people that make you feel bad. When they spit out grumpy things from their mouths, I just say "I am so sorry you feel that way" I do not let it effect my mood because life is way to short to be grumpy. So how does this relate to romance? Be in a good mood when around your partner, remember it is contagious. Make it your mission to effect them with your happiness.

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