Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Met Some where out of your normal routine.

You know that as your relationship progresses you get into a habit of where you go and how you get there. Especially if you live together, you most likely ride together to where ever you are going. Here is a suggestion to maybe get your out of your normal routine. Meet some where different be it for lunch or a drink or maybe even just a little sexual tension relief. Think about it trying to find your partner in a crowded room or searching for them across a bar full of people. Not only does this take you back to the feelings you had during the first few dates the two of you had, but it also adds a little mystery to your relationship. The people in the place don't know the two of you so for all they know you are meeting for the first time. Play it up a little and let the people hear you (remember they don't know you). Have fun with this and think about how much we take for granted our partner being right were we need them all the time. Want to make it really exciting get a hotel room and give your partner the key at the restaurant or bar you meet at then just walk away. This gives you a chance to flirt a little with your partner, and we don't do enough of that when we are in a committed relationship. Make your plans today and get out there and meet your partner like it was the first time, see how excited you get, and how it gets your blood pumping again.

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