Friday, September 4, 2009

Another Great way to save some money to do something fun.

Are you still looking for ways to stash a little cash away? Well here is a suggestion on eating that could save you some cash. Split your meals. With the economy in the shape it is in. I am seeing several restaurants offering meals at greatly reduced prices to get people in the door. This is a great way for you to save some money. First of all find a larger meal and split it between the two of you. Most meals at restaurants are large enough that you can split and still feel pretty full. Make sure not to all into things like drinks and appetizers at these restaurants. Yes they are good but they will make the bill go up quickly. Get water to drink at places it is free then if you want a soda later get one out of the vending machine or at home, they are much cheaper.

Another idea is to find a buffet that offers carry out. They will usually charge you for one person then give you a box to fill up. If you know things your partner likes you can easily get two meals in the box for the price of one. I have a friend that will fill his box at the Chinese restaurant and then make three meals out of it for $5.75. Now that is a bargain. If you just use your brain a little you can save quite a bit of money. Many years ago McDonald's offered $25 cent hamburgers and then the cheeseburgers were .69 cents. Well we found out that adding cheese to a sandwich only cost .20 cents at that time. So we would order hamburgers and add cheese to make the cheeseburger .45 cents! Make sure to check out other great ways to save money in this manner. Keep track of what you save and put it away for a trip or something special for the two of you.

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