Friday, September 18, 2009

Don't be blinded by new relationship energy!

Sometimes we are so excited with a new relationship that we can be blinded to things that might be signs the relationship won't work out. You might think that this is a little out of context for a romance site. We are here to bring romance into relationships and part of that starts with understanding the relationship from the start. New relationship are exciting but so much so that sometimes we overlook things that will really bug us later in the relationship. You need to stop and think about things while you are away from this new person. Try to see into the future with their drinking make a difference later in your relationship. Maybe they have a drug habit or maybe they just ask for you to do things that make you feel a little uncomfortable. Yes trying new things are a great way to branch out but thing about the future. Can you put up with this things that seem okay at the start of a relationship. Another thing you need to think about is are you doing things at the start of this relationship that you might not do later down the road? Are you trying to hard to make this person feel the same energy you are feeling right now? Are you being yourself? New relationship energy is great and can make you feel better then you have in a while, just make sure it isn't blinding you to the facts that are right in front of your face. I'm not trying to scare you off of a relationship you have just entered into, but wouldn't it be better to be a little more cautious at the beginning of the relationship. If the relationship is right it will grow and build around the problems, you don't want to ignore the problems.

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