Sunday, September 27, 2009

Be Nice to everyone!

One thing I find extremely attractive in a person is the way they treat others. Are you the type of person that helps others out in time of need or offers your assistance when someone you care about is in trouble. These type of qualities are factors that could possibly attract the person of your dreams to you. Haven't you seen in the movies where someone does something nice and it seems like they are rewarded with the person of their dreams. This can happen to you. Just start being nice to everyone even if they are nasty to you. Turn the other check if you have to and just say "I'm sorry you feel that way" and explain your side of the situation. Not only will this make you attractive to others, it will make you attractive to yourself. You will feel good and not carry baggage around with you in your daily life. Think of how many times you have let someone upset you, only to carry it around with you all day. Thinking about how you should have told them off or what you should have done to them. If you can let it roll of your back think of better use of your time you would have. Start today it is not to late, be nice.

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