Thursday, September 24, 2009

Zoo it up!

One of the most romantic places to take a date early in your relationship is the zoo. This may seem a little silly but think about it. You get to walk around all the time, with no agenda you don't have to be a the lion cage at seven o'clock for your reservation. You have lots of things that can visually stimulate a conversation, with the animals, obviously. You can also talk about the crowd and the children as well as other things around the zoo. As you walk you have many chances to get away from the crowd and get some one on one time. Just find an exhibit that not many people find interesting and you can sit there and talk about what ever you feel like. Being at the zoo also gives you and your date a feeling of freedom. You are not enclosed like the animals and you are free to roam about the entire facility. You can even find a bench just to sit and enjoy the day. The next time you are wondering where to take a date early in the relationship don't look past the zoo, it might just be the place where the two of you will hit it off.

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