Sunday, September 20, 2009

Does Time stop when you kiss?

One way to tell for sure that you are in love is the feeling of time when you kiss that special someone. Does it seem like time stands still? Are you so caught up in the moment that it doesn't matter how long you have been kissing. Can you feel his/her lips as it they were the only think on earth? If you answer yes to most of these question you are surely having some sort of feelings about this person. Now it might not be love but it is a beginning. If you are not getting these feelings then things might not be right. It might be the timing of the kiss, like are you busy when it takes place or are you in a crowded mall. These situations might make it tough to see how your feelings are really doing. However if you are alone and are not getting these feelings then maybe just maybe that spark might not be there. Do you look into each others eyes after a passionate kiss, that is usually a tell, tale sign of the feelings of the other person.

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