Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Make a special weekend for your sweety. Most people have a little extra time off during this holiday so make some plans to get out and enjoy something you haven't done as of yet. Something like a get away would be very romantic. Hope in the care and go visit some friends or get a hotel with a pool and spend the day swimming and enjoying time together. You could also just go spend the day at one of your local state parks. The only thing is you should make a a little distance from your home. Don't go somewhere you can go any weekend. Pick a place that is a little farther drive that you wouldn't thing about during a normal weekend. Enjoy the drive get you some good music the two of you can sing to and if you have a convertible drop the top and roll out. Just be free spirits for the weekend. If you don't have much money find things to do that involve sightseeing, they are usually free or cost very little. Make it memorable and take lots of pictures. Enjoy your weekend.

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