Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lather her with riches. (Click here to find luxury soaps)

During one of your shopping sprees take some time to find a really high quality soap. Not your normal soaps you pick up at the local discount store. Find the ones that might be a lot higher in price but are suppose to be excellent for you skin. I have added a link at the top of the page that might help you out. Present her with the high end soap before her next bath or shower. Tell her that you want only the best to be placed on her body. After she showers make sure to take some time to caress her skin and tell her how great it feels. Nothing makes a woman feel more special then pampering her a little bit. Experiment a little and find out what she like and dislikes for future purchases.

Some words of warning make sure not to pick up something she might be allergic to, that will really kill the thought. Don't be afraid to ask a sales person to help sometimes as a man we don't particular think the same when we pick out soaps as our partner does. A woman's input will help you out.

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