Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Go Bowling

Go Bowling Here is a great activity that you both can do. Even people that are not that athletic can roll a ball down the lane. Do a search for a local bowling center in your area. Find the closest one, and get the phone number. Call or visit the website to find out when the open bowling hours are. Then you can plan a date around an evening of bowling. If you are an active bowler, take a break and don't take your fancy-shmancy equipment. Get rental shoes at the center, use a house ball off the rack and if you’re really a lot better than your partner, use your opposite hand (but don’t make a big deal about that – especially if you still bowl better than your date). The point is to make it fun and not a competition. Take your time. You are not under any time limits here. Flip a coin to see who goes first. If one is a lot better than the other, discuss a handicap such as giving the other person bonus pins or the first person has to throw the ball in the gutter on the first ball every time. Like I said earlier, make an evening of it and do pizza and beer before or after the bowling. The point is to enjoy the evening without getting too involved with the activities. Try to remember the very first time you went bowling, and look at the evening in that regard. If bowling is not your thing, use a substitute.

Some activities that might work include miniature golf, go cart racing or even bingo. Get away from the competition and just enjoy participating with your partner in an activity that is fun. If you have to wait, don't worry most recreational facilities have other forms of enjoyment to participate in during your wait. You may discover arcade games or batting cages. Let your hair down and have a ball.

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