Saturday, April 25, 2009

Do something in the sunshine you'e never done before?

It's been a long winter and with summer just around the corner, take advantage of those first few warm days. Find something that you normally do inside and take it outside. By getting outside to perform you task you usually do inside it will make your feel a whole lot different about doing this task. For instance take your laundry outside to fold, read a book outside on a blanket, or the two of you could take a game outside and play on a picnic table. Always address the day before you head out. If it is windy you might not want to take your paper work outside to perform, unless you want to chase it all over your neighbors yard. Give your sweetie a neck rub outside in the warm sun. This is a simple item to perform just find something you do inside and find a way to do it outside. Wireless Internet access can even let you complete work outside, how about that. Hooray for technology.

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