Sunday, April 12, 2009

Get choosy over Movies

Okay, so it's your turn to choose the movie for your date! So what it gonna be - the shoot ‘em up movie or the slap stick comedy? Before your Neanderthal mentality kicks in, and you pick the most macho movie you can find, think of where this can lead. Look at your relationship. Are you at the beginning of it or have you been married for 20 years? What are your plans after the movie? Are you going to dinner, out to a club, or are you hoping to venture back to your place for a more intimate setting? Take all of that into consideration. Get a newspaper or get on your computer and find out which movies are playing near you. Scan over the times of each movie and eliminate all the ones where the time just doesn't work out for your date.

Now comes the pondering part of the movie selection process. How do you want this movie to affect your date? I can see you now with that glazed look in your eyes thinking, "I just want to see a movie.” Okay, I will make it a little simpler for you. Let’s say you are going to dinner after the movie; you don't want to see a gory movie as it might ruin your appetite. The stupidly funny movie might lead to way too much laughter during the main course. In my opinion, the best movie to see before going to dinner is one that will strike up great conversation - a thriller or a movie with twists and turns in the plot. Let’s say you are headed out to the club for dancing and drinks. My choice of movie would be a great comedy. You know - the ones with stupid lines and the comedy is right in your face. This has double the impact as one it gets you ready for fun while dancing at the club. And a bonus is if you’re not a good dancer, you might be able to imitate the movie on the dance floor and get some chuckles from your date. You can also quote silly lines form the movies to each other. If you are drinking alcohol they get funnier and funnier. Now let’s say you want to head back home for some alone time after the movie. You have several choices - the first being the horror film. Your partner might jump into your arms and want to be held. However if you’re a little jumpy this might back fire on you. A romantic comedy might do you well as it will take the edge off the date and still promote kissing and other stuff. An adventure movie might do you well as it gets your blood pumping, and might lead to some role playing at the homestead.

So don't just choose the movie you want to see the most when going on a movie date. Take some time and think about the outcome - no not of the movie but, of the later activities. One more thing before I leave you, sometimes the best movie to see is one that no one else wants to see. “Why?” you might ask. Well, you just might have the whole theater to yourselves!!

Click on the title line to go to Fandango and pick your movie for tonight.

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