Thursday, April 30, 2009

Theme Night

Looking for something fun to do. Make a them night date. Pick a ethnic category and then based the whole night around that. Say for instance you pick Mexican. You could do dinner at a Mexican restaurant, find a place that plays Mexican music to go dance at and to top it off find a place that serves flan for dessert. Other ideas could be Italian dinner with spaghetti and meatball, go see a gangster movie or rent the sopranos, and top it off by speaking in an a Italian accent all night. As I always say do a little research on your subject and make it fun and exciting for the two of you. Get your partners input also they might think of something you wouldn't have. You could even use specific places in the United States such as a Texas them with western flair, or Hawaiian theme with tiki torches and pineapples.

You could make it like a party and do a murder mystery theme, and the caper is you go see a thrilling movie. A casino theme might be another idea and the big finale would be a trip to Vegas. You are only limited to your imagination.

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  1. Well, Romantic Rob, you have some intriguing suggestions here. Your wife is either a lucky woman or an expert trainer...or both. ;-)

    Keep up with the visuals. Visuals are good for men, I think. (Too much text would scare away my husband)

    (ps 1. I'd fix the intro sentences. Shorten, tighten and correct the boo-boos--feel free to contact me if the suggestion is unclear)

    (ps 2. Wandered over from facebook...if you were curious)

    Good luck with the blog!