Sunday, April 26, 2009

Send her some Panties - (click here for a Panty of the Month Club)

If you relationship has reached an intimate level, here is a suggestion that might put more of the intimate into your relationship. I want you to get some sexy panties and send them via the mail to your partner. I know what you are thinking, "She will think I'm a stalker." Again this is not for a new relationship but one that is established. Hopefully if you are in an established relationship you have seen her in her panties. Make sure you get the size right and use a standard mailing envelope as it won't tip her off before she opens the surprise. Wait until she says something about the package, don't tip her off before she has a change to open this present. Don't be so excited that you ask her a hundred times "Did you get anything special in the mail?" If all works right, she should be showing you what she received in the mail and that will for sure put a smile on your face. You can include a small note if you like saying something cute like "I thought you would look good in these." or "These didn't fit me so I thought you might like them." Be witty and funny with your note and don't put any demands on the letter like "I want to see you in these tonight" Let her tell you all about her special package.

Now if your short on time or a little nervous purchasing women's underwear. Then you can use a mail order company and get the same results. There are many companies that will send your honey a pair of panties a month, and several of them you can personalize a note to be put inside the package. These sites usually present you panties in a very special way, but you pay for that. So if your budget is smaller do it yourself. I have put a link to a pantie of the month site in the title of this post. You can also go to Victoria's Secret to find some of the best panties made, believe me your special lady will love them and so will you.

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