Friday, April 24, 2009

The Art of Massage

Massages One great truth in a relationship is that everyone enjoys a good massage. Whether it is used as a pain reliever or foreplay, I don't believe I know a soul that doesn't enjoy a massage. There are many therapeutic reasons for a massage. I know that a good massage can relieve the daily pressures of the day. Relieving this stress is a great benefit in a relationship because if you eliminate that tension you are bound to have a better time together. A massage can, also, loosen up the muscles and relieve the aches and pains associated with exercise, arthritis, or the pain that comes with just getting older.

The relaxing of your muscles can be beneficial in your relationship in a number of ways. For one thing, it can help you perform activities that you might not have been able to do if you had pain in a certain area. Activities such as going on walks, playing sports or bedroom activities are just a few things that could be aided by an occasional massage. Now a great asset of massage for the couple is the fact it can be considered foreplay. There are several books and methods of sensual massage, which are designed to lead from massage to intimacy with a smooth transition. The massage works for both partners in this manner. One partner gets to feel the benefits of the massage while the other gets to enjoy touching and caressing his/her partner. Add in the use of oils and devices and the massage becomes a ritual or passion. Scented oils, candles, and mood music can enhance the experience to the point of an erotic adventure. There are even specific types of massage for the genitals and other areas that could be arousal spots. These genital massages work very well and are definitely a sexual experience between the partners.

Now you might think that you just start rubbing your partner and everything will fall into place. Well, it doesn't work that way. I suggest you head on down to your local book store, search Amazon, or Google the Internet to find the specific technique that appeals to your partner and you. I think you will be surprised at the number of different techniques and forms of massage that are out there. Don't be timid. Try something different. The benefits will outweigh the fear in the end. Once you decide on the proper technique go about making the setting perfect and picking a time when you won't be interrupted by the kids or parents. Your massage session will be able to turn into a beautiful love making session.

Click on the title link will take you to a website listing all different types of massages techniques.

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