Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shower Talks

Here's a little test in self control. Next time your partner is taking a shower, and you have the time, just slip into the bathroom, sit on the stool and talk with them. It is a big test of your self control because you know he/she is naked on the other side of the shower curtain, and you know you want to peak in on them (at least I know I want to see my wife.). Strike up a conversation about something other than your relationship; it could be about your kids, work, church, or anything other than them being naked. This exercise raises trust as your partner is naked and in a vulnerable state. You are trying to mind your Ps and Qs, and not just ripping open the shower curtain and attacking. To me this feels like when you used to talk on phone as a teenager. You were wondering what the other person was wearing or what he/she was doing at this point of day. Talk to your partner for a while, but make sure that once he/she is ready to get out of the shower and dry off you are out of the area. Give him/her some privacy. If you were in the middle of an in-depth conversation, make sure to pick it back up when he/she is finished. You can also do this activity while your partner takes a bath, shaves or grooms himself/herself in some fashion. Conversation is good for the relationship. If you can focus on the conversation when your partner is completely naked, then you have a sound foundation in your relationship. Special note: Don't try this while you are trying to be intimate. Think of intimate things to talk about during that time. Talking about your mother during sex is a real buzz kill. Focus on the task at hand in this situation. :-)

Now, head for the shower and some good conversation.

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