Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wishful Thinking... Tell her your fantasies.

Something all relationships need is a peak into each others fantasies. It helps you get closer and you might even find something that clicks with both of you. Men you have to take the reigns here, spill it to her tell her one of your fantasies and see how she reacts. If you think your partner doesn't have fantasies you need more help then I can give you. So start out small tell her something you might like to try and see how she reacts. If she is disgusted then you might have to wait a little while to try again. Most likely if your partner cares about you she will at least listen and if your really lucky she might even try it on you. Don't be offended if she doesn't feel comfortable with your fantasy sometimes they just don't click. Maybe if she feels comfortable hearing your fantasies, she might even open up enough to tell you some of hers. Be very careful here don't judge her just as you don't want her to judge you. Listen and see if maybe it might be something you could a least try, who knows you might enjoy it even more then her. I know that one time I tried something with my partner and low and behold after we finished she was like "I have so wanted you to do that forever" and this was about 6 years into our relationship. Take your chances men, she is with you for a reason so you should trust that she will be receptive to your fantasies. That doesn't mean she is going to dress up like Princess Lea for you, but maybe she will at least play with your light saber!!!!

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