Friday, August 7, 2009

Mark those Anniversaries.

One thing that will definitely show how romantic you are is to make sure you celebrate anniversaries. If you are in a new relationship it may sound a little silly. Showing someone that the days you met or your remember your first date will definitely impress your partner. Big anniversaries like the ones associated with weddings are a no brainer, if you don't remember them then you have a problem and your partner will most likely let you know that. However if you can just get a little care on the anniversary of your first date, you will get mega brownie points. For those of you about to embark on your first date with someone and you even remotely hit it off, make notes of the date. Write down things like what they were wearing, songs that you heard, the place that you ate, then in a couple of years if you are still together that will be very impressive. Don't trust your memory, it can fail you when you need it.

One the other hand don't over due it. That will only make you look like a weirdo. If you give them a card for the first time you took a walk together you partner might be wondering why they are with you in the first place. For the major anniversaries go all out and if you are on a fixed budget then work around it. Where there is a will there is a way. Get cheap flowers at the discount store and put them in a special vase, cook them a special meal, or just go on a long hand in hand walk. Those are the things that are important in a relationship. Sure jewelry and sports tickets are nice but they are fleeting but gazing into someones eyes at a sunset last forever.

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