Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How do you dress at home?

We all love to dress comfortable when we are at home. But is comfortable okay with your partner? Are old sweats with holes in them okay to spend the time with your partner in? This is a great debate question and I think the answer lies somewhere in the middle ground. We spend all week dressing up to go to work and yet the person we most want to impress we usually dress down for? Now I am not suggesting that you wear a three piece suit or a evening gown when you are running around the house. We need to find some happy medium. Go shopping and check out some of the nice looking work out gear or both men and women. You can find some really nice athletic gear that doesn't make you look like a slob. Brands such as Under Armor and Nike have some excellent choices that will keep you comfortable and looking like someone that would be great to snuggle down with. Some of the new materials are even great to feel so maybe if you find some of these items your partner might have a hard time keeping their hands off you. Don't throw away all your bumming clothes, keep them for days you don't feel well so that your partner knows you don't want to be bothered on these days.

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