Sunday, August 9, 2009

How deep is your Love?

Do you really know the person you love? I am sure you have a pretty good idea of who your partner is now, but do you know what they were like before you knew them. I am not talking about a week before you knew them. I am looking at the time when they were a child or a young adult. This is going to take some doing on your part. You will have to find some people that knew them when they were this other person, that you didn't know. You can find out things like what their favorite toy was or how they acted in high school. Where they in any clubs or activities they participated in that might be something the two of you could do together. Maybe they were on the cycling team and you could start riding bikes together. Things like that could make a big impact on your relationship. I could also give you some ideas for gifts or things to do to cheer up your partner in bad times. Knowing a little background can never hurt your relationship. Once you partner knows you took the time to find a little more out about them they will think a little higher of you. A really good place to find out things is during family gathering, where uncles and aunts as well as cousins will definitely be willing to let you know the history of your partner.

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