Friday, August 28, 2009

Don't date above your means

Just some basic words of advice. Don't date above your means. We all want to impress our dates especially on the first few dates. We want them to think we are comfortable with our lifestyle. Sometimes it is easy to overdue it and go out to a super fancy restaurant or take a trip somewhere. These things are fun but if they don't fit in your budget, you will be paying for them for a long time. Be honest with your date and pick restaurants that are in your price range or find fun things to do that don't cost a lot. Believe me your date needs to know your status from the beginning. Don't make him/her believe that you have money to burn if you don't. That will only lead to tension later down the line. If you date really likes you and enjoys being with you then the amount of money you make won't make a difference. Never ever spend more on a date then you can afford, it only leads to troubles. Be creative and find things to do that are fun and cheap if you need to, I am sure your date will appreciate the effort that you put into your evening together.

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