Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Date at the Zoo?

Looking for somewhere to take a date when you are first starting to date. Out to dinner is nice but a little to rigid, clubs are great if you don't want to hear what each other is saying. Here is a great idea that might just show a little of your sensitive side. Take your date to the zoo. The zoo has lots of things to look at and the atmosphere is relaxed. You can take your time and wander around giving both of your plenty of time to talk. You also get to see if your date is comfortable around children and crowds. The zoo is also a great help in starting conversations as their are several animals to talk about and give you opinion on. Find out what each others favorite animal is and if the date goes well you could send your date a little stuffed animal of their favorite for a little added romance. Pick a day when the kids are at school so the crowds might be a little smaller and plan on spending the day there, no rush just walking and talking and viewing. In my opinion this is one of the less stressful dates you can go on.

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