Sunday, August 30, 2009

Football season is here!

Okay it is now officially football season. High school teams have started to play and colleges, too. The NFL is about to kick off. As a couple if you both enjoy the football atmosphere then you need to find a game you can tailgate at. Tailgating is a great way to spend time with your friends and also your partner. Everyone is rooting for the same team and you can find some great eats and drinks. Most people don't consider this a great time for couples. It can be if you don't let the game and your friends get your carried away. Always remember to include your partner in the antics you are going to do while you tailgate. If you are going to play corn hole then ask your partner to play with you. Don't go run off with your buddies and forget who you came with. If your partner is new to your group of friends don't leave him/her alone to fend for themselves, stick with them and you will have a much better time. Once they get comfortable and meet some of the others you can bet they will look forward to tailgating as much as everyone else. Always remember that your relationship comes first, so think about your actions before you strip down and paint your whole body.

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