Monday, August 17, 2009

What to do with your stuffed animals during sex..

Does you partner have stuffed animals that they keep on the bed. You might think this is a little childish, but hold on. Have you ever thought to use these animals as sexual aids? Don't get to disgusted, just yet. Have you ever been to the liberator shop and saw all the different pillows that they have to get your partner and you into different positions? Now are you starting to get the picture. Think of that great big lion they keep on your bed and how you could bend someone over that and have your way with them. The bigger the stuffed animal the better, but think about sticking the smaller ones under the small of the back or to use as props for other parts of your body. Changing the angle of penetration makes the act of sex seem very different and exciting. Not to mention most stuffed animals are soft and feel good on the skin. I have even seen some stuffed animals that have a compartment for hiding sex toys inside them so they are close and ready to use.

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