Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Start Journaling.

I think a very romantic thing for a couple to do together is journal. Not together but as separate entities. Buy your love and yourself little cheap journals at your local discount store and begin writing down the everyday things in life that make you happy or sad depending on the day. Now here is the romantic part. Find a special time where the two of you can sit down together and write your daily feelings out. Then make it an event make some coffee or pour a class of wine and sit down together and journal. If you want to go paper less you could use your computer, just make sure to store you journal either on a service that keeps them for you our on some removable media so that they are not only on your computer. We all know to well what happens when your computer crashes. There are several types of journal you could keep if you don't just want to write down diary entries. You could keep a gratitude journal of all the things you are grateful for or you could keep a expense journal to keep track of your finances a little better.

If you want to journal together you can use it as a means of communication. People who have problems expressing their feeling sometimes have a better time writing them down. This works great if one partner is a talker and the other is more reserved. This allows the more reserved partner to get their feelings out without getting interrupted. You can keep a sex journal and list all the things the two of you have done that have worked or not. When you keep a journal together you both read the others entries and learn from them. This way you really know how your partner felt about what the two of you did together. Then you know if you should do it again or abandon that idea.

Journaling also helps keep everything in perspective. Sometimes when your feelings are running high we don't make the best decisions. If you write down these feelings then go back and read over them you might see that the way you were feeling was just silly and because your emotions were high you were not thinking clearly. So go out today and pick up some journals it can make your life a whole lot better.

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