Thursday, August 6, 2009

Keep the Peace!

I understand some of you are in a new relationship and that maybe you haven't had any disagreements, yet! Well they are coming let me tell you. If you think that you will not have an argument at any time then you live in la la land and need to get help. Actually disagreements or fights are good for a relationship, after they are over you realize that you can disagree and still love each other. This is where a lot of people get confused. They think that because their partner doesn't agree with them they are doomed. Think about it this way do you stop being friends with your best friend because they like a different sports team then you? or they don't order the same meal as you? Differences are great in a relationship so embrace them and know that is what helps you keep your identity in the relationship.

When you do have that big blow up you need to know when it is time to let it go. Things can get heavy and I have seen couples not speak to each other for days. This is the silliest thing I have ever seen. A relationship can overcome a lot but you have to know when it is time to give up on standing your ground. Think about is your view more important then your relationship. Realize it is okay to have different opinions. Compromise if neither one of you can be swayed, it's not hard people, you just have to give a little. If you partner is important to you that shouldn't be that hard to do.

Keeping the Peace is a challenge sometimes, I will not kid you. It is however worth the struggles and effort to not let little differences keep your relationship from being it's best. Know that it is okay to fight all couples do it from time to time but just know when it is time to lay down the guns and hug each other.

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