Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Create a mood

We are so focused on the outcome of our dates and time together that we very seldom try to enhance our evenings. We rush around so much that we forget the maybe a little more time setting a mood might help in our romantic life. I am sure everyone is thinking right now about putting some candles in the bedroom or lighting a fire in the fireplace. Those are great mood setters but they are the common ones. I am going to challenge you, as I so often do, to create some non-traditional moods. Don't sweat it, I am going to give you some examples for you to feed off of.

Intimacy is a great place to set a mood. I want you to start way earlier though, in your date or evening together. The example I am going to use is to set a Mexican mood. Start out by cooking or going to a place that serves Mexican food. At home get some salsa and chips and whip up a Mexican feast. You can find all kinds of Mexican dishes on any recipe web page. If you go out make sure it isn't Taco Bell, go to a nice Mexican restaurant where they play music and have the place decorated just right. Now once you get home you can continue the mood by getting Mexican oriented movies, some that pop into my mind are Funny Cheech and Chong movies, or the Brad Pitt move The Mexican. Now for the fun part make sure to find some sombreros and Mexican blankets to spread out in your bedroom. Completing the night of Mexican mood. Also you can find some traditional Mexican music to play while you get intimate. You might get bonus point if you can speak Spanish. Imagine yourself make love while wearing a sombrero and shouting things out in Spanish.

Here is a second option. If you partner is into science fiction movies. You could rent a full night of the Star Wars Saga or which ever movie he or she is into. Then when it came time for the intimacy you could dress as a character form the movie. I know lots of men that have the princess lea fantasy. Personalize it to your partners favorite character. You could even get the Star Wars theme song to play in the back ground for the main event. Imagine....

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