Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Whats your self image?

One of the biggest reasons people tend to shy away from sexual activities, is their self image. They feel like they don't look the models they see on the men's fitness magazines or on the cover of Vogue. Because of this defeating self image, they make sure the lights are out when they undress and can't understand why their partner wants to watch them. These types of actions can really hurt a relationship. As the partner that wants to see your body feels like you don't want to show it to him/her. Believe me 99.9% of the people in these world do not have they body of a model.

Here is where we start improving your self image. Number one is you have to be comfortable with yourself. Understand that you have the body that was given to you and you have to deal with it. As long as you feel comfortable then no one else matters. Second start exercising, even it is only walking to work, it will make you feel better and help your overall health. Third, treat yourself like a god/goddess. Treat yourself to indulges that make you feel good. Finally, understand that when you partner says they think you are beautiful, they truly do see you as beautiful. Think about it this way if your in a committed relationship and your partner is telling you how beautiful you are, they are not just saying that to get in your pants.

Now I want you to throw your shoulders back and say to yourself, "I am Wonderful" and carry that feeling with you everywhere you go. The next time you and your lover are about to get it on let them see how beautiful you are and leave the light on. Watch their eyes and you will truly see how beautiful you are to them.
Special thanks to Slushpup for the picture from flickr

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