Saturday, May 23, 2009

Say her name... or his if the case maybe.

Will all get in the habit of calling our partner something other then their name. You know we posted just the other day about pet names. Nothing makes us feel more complete with our partner then hearing them say our name. Just in everyday life use their name more often. Don't answer you phone "Hey babe" or say "Sweetie can you get me a drink." Take one day and try to use their name every time you address them. My theory on this is that we want to know are partner is in touch with us. Not using a slang term like sweetie or baby that could be used for anyone, will make your partner feel you are personalizing every statement.

Not only should you practice this in everyday life, you should also use it in your intimate life. It drives me nuts to hear my name as my partner reaches orgasm. I know that one is a little tough but instead honey, baby, or calling out to god, use your partners name and tell them what is happening. I believe that this only makes your sex life better. Practice it when you masturbate with your partner just as your about to climax, scream out their name. See what kind of reaction that gets out of them.

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