Friday, May 8, 2009

Girls on Film (Boys too)

Do you think your partner is beautiful? I would venture to say most of you do. So make her feel beautiful as her if you can take some pictures of her/him. Today's cameras being digital make it easy to take lots of pictures. You don't have to send them out to get them developed and you can print them out on your standard computer, or you can download them to digital devices. You can store your pictures on your computer, phone, ipod, or another device with storage capability.

Now you have no excuses go out and take as many pictures of your partner as you camera will hold. Then let them help you pick out the best ones. Believe me this is a great idea because you don't want a picture of your partner on you phone and it be one that they think is ugly. Have them do a little posing, get a little silly, pictures with people laughing are always better then trying smile on your own.

Since your pictures are digital and no one else will see them. You can even take some pictures that are a little more provocative if you both are willing. The point being you can take some great pictures of you partner to use as keep sakes for the long haul. If you have a tripod and a timer on your camera you can even take pictures of the two of you together. Those are always nice to have around. So get to clicking.

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